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The price for your website project depends on the details involved with your specific project.

To know how much we'll charge for your project, the best thing to do is give us a call at 478-319-2695 to discuss what you need.  Written project specifications can also be submitted to

We'll gladly provide you with a written estimate/proposal.



Q. Do you price by the page?
A. No, we do NOT price our work by the page, but rather by the overall scope of the project.

We feel that limiting the number of pages often leads to overly lengthy pages, and can give visitors the impression of poor organization.

Instead, our packages are based on the time that will be required to create your website and work with your content.

Q. Will my website be listed and rank highly on search engines?
Basic search engine listing on popular search engines is included in all of our package prices.

Search engine ranking is largely dependent on quality content that's relevant to the keywords and phrases that are targeted.  We'll work with you during the course of development to ensure that your website content is maximized for relevancy.

As search engine listing can take several weeks and ranking can change over time, JLC also works with you after your website has been developed to analyze your traffic statistics and make necessary adjustments to achieve desired results.

Q. Can you design a website if it's not hosted on your server?
Each web server setup is different.  We prefer to design websites that are hosted on our server, as this guarantees that all of the features and technologies that we'll need to develop your website are readily available.

In select instances, we may be able to design a website to be hosted on another server.

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